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“ On KVMRx off the dial and off the hook”.

Bearbeats Radio is community radio with a purpose. Hosted by Dj Etch1 AKA Bboy Supreme whose mantra in life is, “No matter what you do in life B. Supreme!”. Our music platform is to be a taste maker, to feature and play various genres not just hip-hop that you won’t hear on the radio. I feel that mainstream radio is driven by money and not talent per se. The world is full with talent and with the advent of the internet our world is much smaller and great music is available. Focusing on local and indie artists this is their home to be heard via interviews and for their music to be played, showing casing music on a global level.

Bearbeats Radio is a Live mix show playing hip-hop, afrobeat, ambient, hip-hop, and experimental music. Not only will the music be played but we will also interview the artist and go beyond the music. Bearbeats promotes activism through music, social injustice, social commentaries, and various topics on what’s new in music production and experimentation.


Favorite Bands: Mf Doom, Eric Lau, Jdilla, Fela, Cockney Rejects, B.G.K.,Geology, 9th Wonder, Public Enemy, Rage Against The Machine, KRS-1, Nas, MosDef, Taleb Kweli

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