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Travis “FatFinger” Lea is a creative and edgy DJ, producer, promoter and artist who has been creating music and organizing events for nearly twenty years.  Best known for his long stint as a promoter in Los Angeles creating iconic parties like Plump, Nexus New Years, and Beyond Samsara, he has also produced events and performed in Buenos Aires, Mexico City, Thailand and Ibiza.  He has done stages at Burning Man, Love Parade San Francisco and many regional festivals, as well as club nights.  His recent roles include Music Director at Family Love Village, producing and facilitating family areas at large music and arts festivals like Lightning in a Bottle, Boogaloo and Symbiosis.

As a DJ, FatFinger is known to rock a dance floor, with an emphasis on funky, gritty music that always retains soul and beauty.  In recent years, that means sexy, funky glitch hop, but has included many forms of house, techno, trance and downtempo.  FatFinger also has ample experience as a radio DJ, audio producer, and public radio news reporter, cranking out everything from radio documentary to banging electro and acid jazz.

In his quest to wear every hat in the event production business, FatFinger is adept at creating unique and engaging decor and artistic installations.  His strong craft and building skills help guide his artistic hand, using wood, acrylic, metals, textiles and lighting to create original decorative art works.

FatFinger (AKA Travis Lea) is a father to two young sons, and strives to be a conscious parent.  FatFinger is guided by his strong, progressive political beliefs, infusing all his work with an element of community building and creating stronger human bonds and mutual empathy.  Underlying all his promotion work is a desire to provide situations where real human connections lead to furthering a caring and nurturing society.

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Favorite Band: Switchfoot

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