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Bearbeats Radio Bio. : “ On KVMRx off the dial and off the hook”. Bearbeats Radio is community radio with a purpose. Hosted by Dj Etch1 AKA Bboy Supreme whose mantra in life is, “No matter what you do in life B. Supreme!”. Our music platform is to be a taste maker, to feature and […]

Favorite Bands: Stevie-Wonder

Favorite Bands: Pogo

I Am Shy…   Favorite Bands: Jonathan Richman Johnny Thunders Johnny Rotten Johnny Marr Johnny Jewel

Travis “FatFinger” Lea is a creative and edgy DJ, producer, promoter and artist who has been creating music and organizing events for nearly twenty years.  Best known for his long stint as a promoter in Los Angeles creating iconic parties like Plump, Nexus New Years, and Beyond Samsara, he has also produced events and performed […]

Favorite Band: Spice Girls

My specialty is comprised of all forms of dreamy shoegaze, space, and psychedelic music with twee pop elements mixed in. I also incorporate many glue wave and weird punk ingredients when I feel it’s adequate. I have a highly modern and international flavor to all the music I present.   Favorite Band: Cocteau Twins

  My musical interest spans anywhere from Big band from the 40’s to hip hop, rap, R&B, Indie, progressive electronic, rock & an occasional top 40 tune worthy of my attention. My offering explores the evolution of genre meshing. Taking pride in weeding thru massive amounts of music, plucking out gems regardless of “genre”.  My […]

And now for my first magic trick, I will host a music show while sleeping…

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