Totally Derailed

Thursday 6pm-8pm

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Totally Derailed is a convergence, a collision of musical stylings that simmers altogether for two hours, where I cook up the freshest electronic tracks and re-introduce some classics. Things can get a little off track though and you might also hear some Britney Spears or Underoath (Have they done a collab? They should…) This show is best enjoyed in a bubble bath drinking wine, riding a white horse along the beach at sunset, or standing atop a mountain that you just summited with your besties and an athletic yet adorable dog, but can also be listed to in your car whilst stuck in traffic or in your kitchen as you make pudding or whatever it is you eat.


Thursdays // 6 PM – 8 PM (Live, 105.7 Broadcast)



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Let’s get weird, guys.

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